An example of bad support

Bad support is easy to find. It's everywhere. Try troubleshooting a problem with SBC (our lastest hosting trouble ticket took two days before it was even started), emailing Yahoo (got generic form letter back and the issue took over a week to resolve), or just finding Amazon's phone number (hint: it's not on their site). I realize that these companies deal with a very high number of users, but is that a valid excuse for bad customer service? If you provide a service, you have to support it. We provide complimentary support to all our clients using our hosted association management software. Our rule is:

If a client instant messages (yes, we support all our clients through IM too), emails us or calls, we do our best to respond immediately.

You don't exist without your clients; so whatever their needs, they come first. This is how Syntax approaches their customer service. Shouldn't every company?

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One thought on “An example of bad support

    yes that is 100 percent right i am having a hard time with voyetra i have record producer deluxe software they do not have a num to call for support only email they stop my product key from working i cant use my software they are rude and dont care about there customer they need us we dont need them we need sites to expose the bad vendors if we did people would not buy there products then they would have to change or lose customers

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