Month: December 2005

Happy holidays

We'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Festivus. And here's to a new year filled with joy, happiness, and peace. The blog is officially on vacation until the 29th, when we'll start posting our "Top Ten of 2005" lists (cause everyone loves top ten lists, right?).

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Just Forget About It…

Ok, I just read some articles on the new IE 7.0. This is actually kind of humorous, the new features they are touting are:

IE's best features is the gold padlock it
displays at the bottom of the browser when you're on a secure page (or
one that Internet Explorer thinks is secure). For visibility's sake, IE 7 is expected to move that lock from the bottom of the browser and put it near the place where you type in Web addresses.

I'm excited to announce that we're adopting the icon Feed Icon

IE7 Tabbed Browsing Implementation

Do me a favor, stick with what is secure and what has innovated all these features…

WordPress + Yahoo! hosting

So WordPress is teaming up with Yahoo! to provide a hosted version of everyone's favorite free personal publishing platform. Sign-up for a Yahoo! small business hosting plan, click "install Word Press", done. This is a particularly interesting deal because just last week Yahoo! announced a hosting deal with Moveable Type. This can't be great news for MT and parent company Six Apart. Who's going to pay for MT when WP is free? A hedge bet for Yahoo! somehow related to Six Apart's TypePad problems? And what's with Yahoo! buying up everything web 2.0?

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