AARP has been blogging for a year

The AARP blog has just reached its one year anniversary.

AARP started this blog in early 2005 and at that time, our focus was
entirely on Social Security. Then, later in the year, we expanded our
coverage of issues to include Medicare, prescription drugs and other
important topics of concern to people as they age.

It would be interesting to know how many people are subscribed to their blog considering the demographic. I'd also be interested to know why they have comments disabled and instead, direct comments to a message forum. Perhaps the forums are easier to police. Still, it's pretty sad to see this:

We welcome your suggestions… You may contact the AARP Issues Blog team by using this email address: blog (at) aarp (dot) org.

Instead of being able to add a quick comment or suggestion, you have to open up your email box and send a message to "blog" (whoever that is). The discussion is dead before it even starts. The satisfaction of possibly being heard is nonexistent (like writing your Senator or something). Instead, you get a robot-generated "We appreciate your comment…" message.

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6 thoughts on “AARP has been blogging for a year

    Thanks for your response, Fred. I enjoyed your post today too about painting away cell phone service…

    I have found AARP to be unresponsive, most especially for an organization that purports to represent seniors. Over 6 months ago I received new membership cards with my name misspelled. I sent emails; wrote letters; and called with no response or action. Finally, I reached, telephonically, a person who said they would send corrected cards (I had already gone in and updated the database myself). I specified that I wanted a letter of apology inasmuch as it had taken such an effort to correct what should have been a routine item. The email response I received was weasel-worded and unacceptable. AARP should be responsive to its members. Until I receive an adequate response I will not renew my membership.

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