Month: June 2006

One line of code can make a big impact

Major relaunches and complete design overhauls are often unnecessary. Sometimes, the ugliest sites can be vastly improved with subtle changes to the CSS and/or color scheme. Want proof? Take Robert Scoble’s blog. Man, it’s ugly. I realize he doesn’t like pretty sites and prefers anti-marketing design, but come on, it’s terrible. The biggest problem is the font. If you’re going to use a serif font, at least have the decency to use Georgia. That said, most people agree that a sans-serif font is easier to read and generally looks better. To fix this problem takes one line of code in the CSS:
* {font-family: arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif;}
And I’d probably add another line to add more of a break after the headers:
h3 {margin-bottom: .5em; font-size: 140%;}
That was pretty simple. And now it reads a lot easier. Check it out:

Cssized Scoble Blog

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The New Beta, I Mean Gamma, I Mean Test, Sorry Alpha

I have started to notice this in a couple of places. Developers have clearly begun to notice how trite the use of 'beta' is. Well, I guess this is an improvement, right?

Picasa Test Flickr Gamma

Dan McComb over at Biznik must have finally won his argument with his peers because they have gone away from using 'beta' in their product.

I'll be honest, I still feel the same and this whole move. Now there is another shift to find new words to describe a products unfinished state. How about we just keep the creative naming to the products and not the adjectives describing the products.