Flickr Sharing

Well we just got a request to integrate flickr sharing into our software. I just have a question for all you Blogger & Typepad/MoveableType people out there. Have you ever tried to use this functionality in the software? Do you find it useful? Do you even know such a think exists or understand how to use it?

Currently Supports:

  • Blogger Blog
  • Typepad Blog
  • Movable Type Blog
  • LiveJournal Blog
  • WordPress Blog
  • Manila Blog
  • Atom Enabled Blog
  • BloggerAPI Enabled Blog
  • MetaWeblogAPI Enabled Blog

3 thoughts on “Flickr Sharing

    Sure, I’ve used it to post photos to my own and ASAE blogs. I’d recommend implementing the Atom api since it isn’t tied directly to any one software platform.

    Thanks david. That route is being heavily consider. We are also looking at the other route of tight integration. Currently can you share from both directions using Word Press (i.e. put pics up and obviously pull them down)?

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