Is Anybody Listening to Your Podcast?

Well according to Forrester Research, only 1 per cent of people are actually listening to your content. A blogger from within the company suggests this:

My caution is that companies shouldn't be
dashing out to create expensive original content for a small audience –
unless they gain value from being seen as innovative.

So is it a good idea to invest time and resources within your organization to deploy a podcast? I don't know, that's your decision. I would have to say that if you have a target group that is technologically savvy and the organization can put forth the resource that can devote time and produce high quality content that will peak listeners interests, then go for it. Otherwise, do not waste your time moving forward now. Don't worry though, they estimate people will be listening in the future:

Forrester is projecting that the number of households using podcasts
will grow from 700,000 to 12.3 million over the next four years in the
US alone.

I know for one, I have listened to a handful of them and nothing has been able to really keep my interests. Take that as you may and proceed with quality content!

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11 thoughts on “Is Anybody Listening to Your Podcast?

    Fred, I agree that “what’s the ROI?” is worse than a blank stare. In the context of our community, it is an extremely silly question. If an association is looking to calculate ROI on podcasting, blogging or other applications of social media, then they shouldn’t be using them anyway.

    From my point of view, association leaders should be thinking in terms of ROE, or return on engagement. How much stronger are their organizations when members feel motivated and engaged, and are contributing to the association’s work? Investments that strengthen social capital and create meaningful, knowledge creating and sharing conversations build ROE. The failure to invest in such approaches undermines ROE.

    Generally speaking we definitely agree with you on the ROI thing…the interesting point is that it seems like that is the rationale used to eventually make a decision.

    I like the ROE. Member engagement is a fantastic way to sell social media that an organization may look at investing in.

    I don’t know, either. But, I just keep thinking about the Assn Forum of Chicagoland’s animation they did for their annual meeting. They sent that only to about 50 people, and it spread from there. I think the same principle applies (think The Tipping Point). Besides, your post states that podcast listeners will increase about 500% per year on average in the next four years. Why not establish a podcast now and be ready for the flood?

    My comment about the Tipping Point had more to do with salespeople, mavens and other early adopter/influential types. And I do believe that association podcasts [or their successor(s)] will become commonplace. I think people were having this debate 10 years ago about email newsletters.

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