Month: March 2007

Make Sure You Configure Your DNS And Website Correctly

Lately, i’ve visited one too many sites that do not have their DNS configured correctly. It’s either they are missing a CNAME entry for www or their IIS server isn’t set up correctly. This is a basic function for a site and essential for access and use. For people like my mother, things like this can very easily cause a lot of confusion and lead potential visitors to frustration and not getting the answers they were looking for.

If your site can’t be accessed using the www prefix and without, contact your site administrator immediately and get it resolved.

No web site is configured at this address.

Technology listserv quote-of-the-day

if most large associations took advantage of their significantly advantaged positions and launched and promoted their own vertical social network they could become a very successful web 2.0 organization.

O rly?

So, what do you think? Launch your own social network – bad idea or worst idea?