Month: April 2007

Association Social Media Unconference Is Coming – Plan Now

Make your plans to be there now – FREE. The Association Social Media Unconference is going to be held on Tuesday, June 5 at ASAE & The Center's Marriott Learning Complex located in the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC. There is going to be a great set of topics and lots of attendees – sign up today (simply edit the wiki to include your information)!

Read Dave Winer's "What is an unconference?". This will give you a good idea of how an unconference is structured and what you can expect regarding the format. The key element of an unconference is user's actively participate in the conference.

New and letting go of being done

MTV has a new website. I wrote a post a while back about what a disaster the old site was. They also launched a site called – essentially a blog that covers a variety of MTV-related issues – including news of the new Read the post even if you're like me and really have no reason to ever visit There are some pretty insightful and inspirational bits:

And we're not done. Not even close!

In fact, we're letting go of the idea
of the site ever being "done."

Apparently the old site wasn't well received so they're switching to a more agile development process; at the end of the post, they ask for suggestions for improvements and complaints. Of course a blog is the perfect format for this. You're simply not going to get teenagers to take a survey. And that's what we should take away from this – MTV, the key player in reaching younger demographics, is communicating openly with their viewers in order to improve customer satisfaction.

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Association Forum SIG: Building Your Associations Social Media Strategy

Introducing the first Association Forum Online Special Interest Group (SIG) of the year – Building Your Association's Social Media Strategy – on May 17 from 8:30 am – 10 am at the Forum. Our facilitator Jeff De Cagna, chief strategist and founder of
Principled Innovation LLC, located in Reston, Virginia. Jeff is chief
blogger of The Forum Effect, Association Forum's Annual Meeting blog,
and a dedicated social media evangelist. He also serves as chair of
ASAE & The Center's Executive Management Section Council.

Social media are invaluable tools for building engagement, supporting collaboration and creating knowledge in associations. But your association must take a strategic approach to applying these technologies to ensure success. This interactive dialogue will challenge you to think differently about social media, and how to maximize the value they create for your members!