Quick Brain Dump

Fires. Outside of San Diego they are raging! Well NPR sister station, KPBS, is using free social media tools to get information out to the public:

  • Google Map of the fire zones and information on what’s happening in each place
  • Twitter to dump updates for users to follow

Security woes. What’s the e-commerce of your site look like on the inside? Is it developed securely and has it been hacked? Look at what Google uncovers from your personal information on the web today!

Tangential stuff. A couple weeks ago our neighborhood hosted the annual Around The Coyote Festival during Chicago Artists Month. Yesterday I came across amazing Gorilla made from hangers and wanted to share it.

Lastly, i’m really growing tired of Firefox’s memory leaks. Almost 400 Mb, ugh. This has gotten really bad on the Mac and Windows. Safari is really showing me some great things in terms of speed and memory management, give Beta 3 a trial run.

Yes, it's true.  Firefox is not the low memory consumer it used to be.  Now it is on it's last leg on my computer.

2 thoughts on “Quick Brain Dump

    What are your personal thoughts on Twitter? There seems to be a fit in terms of application, especially regarding the fires in CA, however; what about in the association sector? Are associations using this or do you see this being primarily being used on a individual basis? Just wanted to get your thoughts.

    A quick search on Twitter found a few associations who seemed to be using it for blog update notices. Here are some more use cases from the Twitter Fan Wiki. I can also imagine some applications for usage during conferences or meetings. I’m at /fsimmons if you want to follow my boring updates.

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