In today's fast-paced economy it's very difficult to keep track of information and people. Technology is supposed to be here to manage all this for us. Right? Well, sort of. Technology can only handle so much.

The newest service to assist us with all this is LinkedIn. This is a service that allows someone to try and network with friend's of friends. The technology structure is very similar to the Friendster model, but with a purpose. The question is does this allow us to build real, genuine relationships? Or is this just a tool to make your rolodex look bigger? The verdict isn't out on this yet.

What we do know is that we have a unique view on relationships. What we want is to forge relationships that will become an integral part of our model. This will take our software to the next level, ultimately guiding its future and leading the future of association software. It is all about leveraing agile development through our relationships.