This was my first session (Choose the best strategy for delivering your message: how to use a combined communications/marketing audit) today at the ASAE Annual Meeting. My thinking going into was that it might diagnose individual strategies a bit more. Instead it just summarized audits for a few associations on the panel: AIA, AWWA, CRS and CAAP. It was somewhat interesting to see such large discrepencies in results depending on size. CAAP being the baby, with only 45 or so members, had a 83% return on their surveys. At first I was blown away and then the speaker, Joe Ostrander, put into perspective how small they were. In the end it was productive and a good panel. It gave me some insight on how even the smallest organizations have trouble distributing their messages to members.

So far so good; been able to talk to some interesting people and generatng some new ideas. That’s why I am here!

Tonight we’re off to the Museum of Fine Arts for the welcome reception. I am sure that I will be completely awe-struck once again.

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Zachary Wilson

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