Today we presented at the Association Forum’s special interest group, CEO’s with budgets less than 2 million . The focus here today was to emphasize high level issues to assist executives directors with ramping up their association for blogging. The ‘8 Keys to Success and Profit’ can be download as a powerpoint presentation.

We found today there still is a hurdle to overcome before associations are ready to blog. The key to opening this door is first getting association staff members beyond the technology questions and uncertainties. Once this occurs, we can begin to focus more on the real challenges: content, policy and strategy hurdles. You will hear us say this time and time again, but you can’t implement a blog without first becoming a user. Understanding how members could leverage this technology will come through personal use. Answering questions like how will we control defamatory comments or how do people find our blog will quickly become apparent.

The next mission for us will be host a half-day, hands-on session at the Forum for anyone to attend. We’ll keep you posted on this one as information becomes available.