Not that I am by any means an Opera user on any of my computers (powerbook or pc), but Opera is the defacto in mobile web browsing. Just recently I was playing around with a new photo service and needed to do something on my phone and realized that my browser was severely outdated. So of course the first thing I do is go to my computer and try and download the new version. Well this is where I became blown away at how brilliantly customer centric and usable their website was. Just take a look. There are three things to do: download, download and download. They clearly realized what their users are coming to their site for. They want to get the newest product for their computer, phone or other embedded device. Opera couldn’t have made this easier for me and for that I give them great praise.

Typically when I go to download something or check out something very quick, it takes my eyes a minute to orient and find what I am looking for. That is not possible here. There are three choices and nothing else. The choices are huge and can’t be mistaken for anything else. They are for the elderly and the youthful. Again, my praise goes out to you for doing it right.

How can we make members experiences quick and focused. Are association websites trying to do too much all at once? Is there too much focus on portals and mash-up services?

*Amendment: This couldn’t have been posted and discovered on a more fitting day: World Usability Day.

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Zachary Wilson

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