Major relaunches and complete design overhauls are often unnecessary. Sometimes, the ugliest sites can be vastly improved with subtle changes to the CSS and/or color scheme. Want proof? Take Robert Scoble’s blog. Man, it’s ugly. I realize he doesn’t like pretty sites and prefers anti-marketing design, but come on, it’s terrible. The biggest problem is the font. If you’re going to use a serif font, at least have the decency to use Georgia. That said, most people agree that a sans-serif font is easier to read and generally looks better. To fix this problem takes one line of code in the CSS:
* {font-family: arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif;}
And I’d probably add another line to add more of a break after the headers:
h3 {margin-bottom: .5em; font-size: 140%;}
That was pretty simple. And now it reads a lot easier. Check it out:

Cssized Scoble Blog
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