I stumbled upon a new podcasting service this morning called Podbasket. It solves a big problem with podcasting – creating the feed. All you have to do is enter the URL of your latest podcast, a title, and a description and it does the rest. Here’s what my test run spit out. Pretty slick.

This method requires you to host the mp3 files on your own server, but that’s the easy part. Create a podcast, upload it to your site, point Podbasket to it, and your feed is updated. Paste the feed on your site (as I have done above) and let your users grab it.

The Rollyo approach (advanced): The flexibility of this app also allows for multiple podcasts to be added to one single feed. In other words, you can add content from anywhere – just add the mp3’s URL to your Podbasket account and let iTunes use your feed to grab it later.