Corbé Company

Web Development & Design

Our task was to completely reimagine the site experience through improved browsing and better content–and also migrate their website from Drupal 6 to Shopify.

Project Details

Founded in 2012, Corbé Company is a ceramic wares manufacturer located in Detroit, MI. They sell direct to consumer through specialty retail as well as their website. The founders came to us because they were growing like crazy, but their website wasn’t reflective of their values and didn’t showcase the high quality and technical precision of their products.

Customers said the site was slow, hard to navigate, and featured a confusing checkout process.

In addition, the website wasn’t responsive. Meaning people on mobile had a desktop site that was nearly impossible to shop or explore. And this was a huge problem because their marketing efforts were almost entirely in social. But it was clear speaking with Corbe staff, that they had outgrown the back-end of the website as well.

Site administration was unintuitive, their data and reporting tools were too simple and sometimes wrong (taxes), fulfillment was cumbersome and inefficient and often the prices being displayed at checkout were higher than the actual costs (causing buyers to abandon transactions).

Ecommerce Design
Shopify Development


+ 51%

Average Order

- 25%

Cart Abandonment

< 1s

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