Interstate Renewable Energy Council

Project Details

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council, or IREC, has helped pave the way for cutting-edge, clean energy possible for millions of Americans through advanced renewable energy, grid modernization, and energy efficiency.

For nearly 40 years, IREC’s work continues in response to the urgent need to transition to clean energy. 

Their ultimate goal is to mitigate climate change, improve the resiliency in our communities, and ensure all people benefit from a just transition to a clean energy future.

A significant shift toward better landing pages

For IREC’s Communication Team, independent site management is a big deal! As such, they needed a modern site with modern content management capabilities. 

Queue WordPress Gutenberg and the WP’s Block Editors. 

blog single page

Gutenberg is WordPress’s answer to building dynamic and flexible websites and powerful website management.

Gutenberg is a brand new editor for the WordPress platform. It has radically changed how WordPress Editors create and manage posts, pages, and custom post types.

IREC browse your work pane

Ensuring Brand Strength and Design Success

It was crucial for Gulo’s Cincinnati website design team to incorporate IREC’s updated palette and accentuate flourishes that make the logo unique.

IREC website pane

The new marketing website for IREC unleashes the ability to maintain editorial control, build landing pages and create gated opportunities for lead generation. All this, free of handholding and support from an Agency. 

The groundwork for their high-value pages lies in their custom post types and creating accessible areas for easy content management.

The IREC Communications Team and the Site managers are now empowered to manage their programs easily and focus industry efforts transforming the grid, local energy solutions, and building the clean energy workforce.

IREC work page

Finally, for the site’s user experience, the Gulo Design Team leaned into the strength of WordPress and the Gutenberg Block Editor. Gutenberg has allowed IREC to lean into creating more engaging landing pages based on great photography and storytelling.

IREC landing page

Let’s build something special.