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LEAP Innovations is a Chicago-based nonprofit connecting innovation and education to transform the way kids learn. LEAP works directly with educators and innovators to discover, pilot and scale personalized learning technologies and innovative practices in the classroom and beyond.

The site allows LEAP to share video and digital resources to aid in using the framework. It also has a very prominent call-to-action to capture users’ contact information in exchange for free access to the framework.

Since its inception, LEAP has worked directly with more than 125 schools across Chicago to implement personalized learning

LEAP challenged us to create a new site for The LEAP Learning Framework™; a set of tools and resources to teach parents and educators about personalized learning.

microsite design
learning website

“LEAP Innovations is doing a great job connecting developers with schools and teachers, using well-designed trial methods, to evaluate new products for personalized instruction.”

– Bill Gates, Co-Chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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