As the marketplace moves forward and the demand for easier, faster
transactions increases, how will customers perceive transactions
that go through Paypal and Google Checkout vs. a seamless and
proprietary interface?

We can certainly tell which is which (e.g. paypal express checkout vs. paypal buy now button
vs. proprietary system). In general, the two are perceived differently. A Paypal buy now can be set up by my mother to collect money,
whereas Paypal express checkout and proprietary systems require custom
development. Interestingly, Google Checkout can go both ways, like the PayPal buy now and express system.

What are the user benefits to Paypal and Google Checkout?

  • Very fast transactions
  • Trust transaction source
  • Central location for information

What are the organization benefits?

one of the sophisticated methods (Paypal API, Google API, or
proprietary systems) can give the organization more complex results.
This can range from a better user experience for it's members, data
reporting, etc.

Alternatively, Paypal's and Google's copy and paste POST method
works great. It just doesn't offer organizations the verbosity of
information and integration to make the system easier to use
administratively. In addition, your logo and identity can't be added to the interface.

How do you perceive these different options?