Association Forum is trying to go a different route for advertising their Annual Meeting during Association Week (good thinking Sheri Jacobs). I’ll be very interested to hear how this works out. It seems like a number of people are already talking about it, but will this translate into more attendees?

It is interesting to me that they didn’t try and create a blog for their Annual Meeting like ASAE. I’ll be honest here, I think the use of a blog specifically for a conference or an annual meeting is completely the wrong approach. If you want to talk about it, blog about it within your existing blog. Just use category tagging (oh wait, blogger doesn’t have tagging) or tag the posts to a technorati tag to help you out. Don’t create a special blog for 2 or 3 months that just talks about the event, that isn’t going to create any buzz or any more registrants.

Correction: We have been notified by several sources that the architect for the video was Sheri Jacobs and not Suzi Wirtz. Our apologies.