No end in sight for the amount of personal electronic device add-ons being produced – here's evidence.

Beeplet is a timed alert system that reminds you of important events vis RSS.

Here's Kevin Holland on fun in the workplace:

Thing is, "fun" is a relative term, and creating a workplace that people look forward to coming to – employees and
customers -  isn't about staff parties, team-building exercises, and
forcing people to socialize. It's about putting the right people in the
right positions, setting the right goals, and giving them the freedom
to make mistakes.

Finally, here's an article about recruiters who are using podcasts as a tool to attract student job applicants:

Global consulting firm Bain & Co. typically relies on executive
visits, brochures, DVDs and its Web site to recruit management students. This
year, Bain deployed a new and unusual tool to attract students at the Indian
Institute of Management: a podcast.

The 20-minute audio program was part Bain advertisement and
part interview-preparation guide for students. It featured three Bain executives
talking about the firm, which plans to open its first major office in India in
July, as well as an alumna of the institute who works in Bain's London office.

The goal: to influence the career choices of students who are
tough to reach and want "instant, on-the-go information," says Ashish Singh,
Bain's managing partner in India.

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