In honor of Valentine’s Day, A List Apart asked readers what they love about the web. Most of the answers mention a specific website or technology like CSS or Blogger or Google Maps. I like Robert Scoble’s answer best:

That I can find a movie review from my cell phone.
That I can see a picture of my house.
That I can tell my boss that he’s wrong.
That I can praise my boss.
That I can track a flight.
That I can buy flowers. Business cards. A book. Or pretty much anything.
That I can watch Homestar Runner with my son.
That I can email a picture to Flickr and have all my friends see it within minutes of me taking it.
That I can arrange a party in London, a city I had never been to before, and have 120 people show up…

I love that I can go to and find the first website I ever built.