In honor of Valentine’s Day, A List Apart asked readers what they love about the web. Most of the answers mention a specific website or technology like CSS or Blogger or Google Maps. I like Robert Scoble’s answer best:

That I can find a movie review from my cell phone.
That I can see a picture of my house.
That I can tell my boss that he’s wrong.
That I can praise my boss.
That I can track a flight.
That I can buy flowers. Business cards. A book. Or pretty much anything.
That I can watch Homestar Runner with my son.
That I can email a picture to Flickr and have all my friends see it within minutes of me taking it.
That I can arrange a party in London, a city I had never been to before, and have 120 people show up…

I love that I can go to and find the first website I ever built.

Written by

Fred Simmons

As a Managing Partner and the Director of User Experience at Gulo, Fred enjoys making website interactions more natural and improving UX design. Outside of work, Fred enjoys golf, BBQ, craft beer, movies where the bad guy wins, comma-separated lists, and talking about himself in the third person.