Wired/Tired/Retired continues. See my previous post if you're wondering what this is all about.

Wired: Speaking
Tired: Blogging
Retired: Writing white papers

Wired: Google making money off something other than AdSense
Tired: Google making money off AdSense
Retired: Larry and Sergey in about 2 years

and speaking of Google:

Wired: Library 2.0
Tired: Google Library Project
Retired: uh…Oprah's book club?

Wired: NAND Flash memory
Tired: Hard drives
Retired: Floppy disks

Wired: Bittorrent
Tired: iTunes
Retired: Napster

Wired: Unconferences
Tired: Conferences
Retired: Blind dates

Wired: Searching Technorati for NYT editorials
Tired: Subscribing to TimesSelect
Retired: Subscribing to The New York Times (analog)

Wired: APIs
Tired: Plugins
Retired: Business objects

That's all I got. Feel free to add your own as long as it doesn't end in something like, "Retired: Fred's blogging skills". Have a nice weekend.