Hardware and productivity

Ben Martin's dual monitor post got me thinking about article I saw a while ago on digg about old hardware and employee morale. Long story short: sticking with old hardware to save a couple bucks is a bad idea. Of course, the most obvious reason is that common tasks take longer to do. Excel opens slower. Word opens slower. Memory-intensive programs like Photoshop and InDesign crawl.

The less obvious reason is increased workplace dissatisfaction.

British and French respondents said working on outdated
computers was the most irritating aspect of office life.

IT departments tend to prioritize equipment based on tree charts. I've always thought that was an extremely bad idea. It creates a toxic environment. On top of getting less done, staff begin to resent management and IT people.

Hardware is cheap. Ben's second monitor probably cost less than $300. For a potential productivity increase of 9%-50%?! That's a steal…and a lesson for anyone making those types of decisions.

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2 thoughts on “Hardware and productivity

    I would definitely have to agree with this. Just from a morale position getting new hardware is so valuable. I mean I just got a new mouse and keyboard and I am so much happier from day-to-day

    There is no doubt about it — if you want to destroy employee morale, defer computer equipment purchases as long as possible. What makes the difference having a tech-savvy CEO. If the boss still has the admin print out emails (and that does still happen), getting the needed upgrades is a tough sell.

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