9 thoughts on “AdWords Associations

    I can tell you this, some associations, ALA Techsource for example, just hired an ad sales rep to try and extend their revenue through advertising. I am not exactly sure how the payment structure works for an ads sale person for an association, but in theory, this route seems like it should be fairly effective. Time will tell.

    That is an interesting point. I never really thought about the target markets.

    I guess based on this, it would be more effective to run your own sales and campaign. Another benefit to this is that the organization would be able to pocket more of the money, rather than pass it on to google.

    Do many AMS systems have built in systems to manage campaigns or track advertising?

    I used it for membership recruitment and the populations it got in front of were interested in the issues the members dealt with but were not potential members themselves. If you have a service or message direction completely at the public then it might possibly pay off.

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