Everybody is now familiar with Web 2.0 and all her buzz. But what is this all about? Is it about adding some AJAX and creating a new trendy site that is just bells and whistles? No, not entirely; it is much more. The short definition is it is about community collaboration and when collaborating, there can only be one king, content.

Now let’s create a term that, believe it or not, hasn’t blossomed just yet-Associations 2.0. I am not sure exactly how to define this. I imagine some derivative of the Web 2.0 definition, “Web 2.0 is about systems that harness collective intelligence”, as Tim O’Reilly puts it, is probably appropriate.

Here is the question, how can your association harness information? How can you collaborate better with your members? Is the answer to bring members, organizations and content closer together? Or is the answer to create communities for them to collaborate and share information?