It's currently 9°F here in Chicago. However, it "feels like -6°F". That's cold. So while my brain unfreezes, here are some links of interest: Jenny "The Shifted Librarian" Levine, guest blogger at the (Re:Members driven) ALA Techsource Blog, is told not to buy an ALA membership unless she wants to pay to speak at an upcoming ALA conference. Good discussion in her post's comments.

Here's some top 10 albums-of-the-year lists from (the usually reliable) Silent Uproar. Here's info on TypePad's recent outtage and an accompanying Web 2.0 joke. Here's a nice little Christmas-themed flash game to waste some of your time on. And finally, here's Prof. John Maeda discussing the possibility of self-powered electronic devices – imagine never having to recharge your cell phone or iPod again. Sounds good to me.

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