Let me know if you’ve ever experienced this:

You just visited a site you knew well. But this time, you visited the site on your tablet or smart phone. Instead of finding what you were looking for instantly, you struggle to navigate through the site effectively.  In fact, this non-intuitive mobile layout might make certain functionalities almost impossible to find.

Sound familiar?


It’s a common problem. We’ve all experienced this. A mobile layout can hide content in dropdown menus, etc. An off-the-rack CMS might provide built-in site optimization, but that doesn’t mean that the content a site’s visitors are most interested in will be organized efficiently. Obviously, this can be a serious problem.

You may have heard this statistic before: as of 2014, sites are now accessed on mobile and tablet devices more than traditional computers. If the site feature being sought isn’t easily accessible in the mobile-optimized site, there’s a good chance you’ll seek the better optimized service offered by the competition.

What about you?

Has a poorly optimized site ever encouraged you to go with a competing service? Share your experience(s) in the comments below!

Written by

John Dudley