Date: September 13, 2007
Time: 8:30 – 10:30 am
Location: Association Forum on The River

Our goal is discuss social media and explore the unconference format. This introduction to the not-even-close-to ubiquitous Unconference event, begins with an introduction by the organizer re-articulating the purpose, format, guidelines and topics. Attendees then gather around white wall and pull topics to discuss (gathered from blog comments and topics addressed that morning) in satellite groups. Attendees are then encouraged to participate at table conversation that discuss one of the selected topics that pique their interest. Attendees are free to roam about, hoping from table to table. This session will be broken into segments based on the activity of the discussions. We will allocate 2 hours for this mini-unconference.

Potential topics* of discussion are:

  1. Getting started with blogging
  2. What is Web 2.0…Really
  3. Getting started with casting
  4. Learning in the Web 2.0 World
  5. Creating Cultivating (had to do it) Online Communities
  6. Raising the Bar to eKnowledge
  7. Findability: Enterprise Search for User-generated Content
  8. Creating value with 2.0
  9. Getting started with wikis (community stewardship, knowledge creation & sharing, project management, tagging and search)
  10. Micro-targeting New Constituents Through Social Networking Sites
  11. Something on the basics of being a social media USER (how to set up a blog reader, how to edit a wiki, how to subscribe to podcasts on itunes, etc.)
  12. When People Can Pursue Your Mission without You using social media tools.
  13. Internal applications of social media
  14. Designing a social media strategy

We encourage people interested to post their own questions to the blog to seed the session with their own interests.

*A similar unconference that took place in D.C with these initial topics.

Written by

Zachary Wilson

I enjoy reading & writing about the web and digital marketing. My day-to-day focuses on ensuring our clients have big wins. That begins with extraordinary website design and UX. The real exciting stuff is helping develop strategies to drive traffic (on-site page optimization) and help conversion rate optimization (getting new sales and / or customers). With all my “other” time, I enjoy exploring new adventures with my 3 daughters and wife.