Website Audit

A healthy website means more traffic and more sales. Our SEO score weighs numerous factors that affect a website’s visibility to search engines. An effective website audit provides insight into the overall health and performance of your website while revealing all problems that require immediate attention.


Improving your website’s health requires constant attention. The goal is to detect errors and weak points that can affect how search bots crawl and evaluate the content on pages on your site. Our crawlability audit weighs these factors:

  1. Indexability
  2. Pages Crawled
  3. Pages Crawl Depth
  4. Incoming Internal Links

SEO Audit

This involves a site audit that crawls the entire site and inspecting existing search engine optimization. The findings allow clients to quickly learn the factors search engines deem important when ranking their website.

  1. Add tags where they are missing
  2. Make titles, meta descriptions, and other HTML tags unique and comprehensible
  3. Find broken urls & images
  4. Recommend ALT attribute for images without it
  5. Optimize internal and external links
SEO audit

Site Performance Check

Google’s uses hundreds of factors to determine where landing pages rank for search terms. Dozens of them are on-site, such as page speed. The higher the score, the better the performance. For the best customer experience, we evaluate important pages that have slow load times. Issues can range from poor programming to poorly optimized or scaled images.


Semantic Markup Benefits Search Engine Visibility

We understand the importance of good markup. We’ve found it can significantly boost your website SEO ranking and therefore produce more organic traffic. We also take advantage of Google Schema Markup data to avoid penalties and improve search engine visibility.

Our website audit will detect various markups:

  1. Twitter Cards
  3. OpenGraph
  4. Microformats
Search Engine Visibility

“Great partners throughout the process, their team was very accessible, responsive, and professional even under pressure. Their efficient, customer-centric approach sets them apart.”

– Dianne D., Director of Operations, Corn Refiners Association

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