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UX/UI Design and Development
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A few months post launch, up4® Probiotic saw 85% of its user traffic visit via mobile device.


Project Details

up4® is a new brand to the Probiotic space. The brand team asked Gulo to be innovative and find a unique way to connect with customers. As such, we created a tailored experience to engage users and recommend the best up4® product for each individual user based on a Quiz. Additionally, as user’s visit the site from various media channels, they are segmented. Each segment gets a unique, personalized experience. Users are served assets and copy tailored to their specific persona. The aim here is to establishing trust, loyalty and an emotional connection to each individual customer.

product recommendation

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“Gulo demonstrated genuine interest in the brand’s success. They proactively suggested page and content optimizations on a regular basis. Overall, their service went above and beyond.”

– Jen I., Senior Brand Manager, i-Health, Inc.



Quiz Completion Rate

+ 436%

User Sessions


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