ClearCut Analytics

clear cut homepage in laptop

Project Details

ClearCut is a retail analytics company. They provide consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands with critical eCommerce and Amazon data for making strategic decisions with confidence.

We partnered with ClearCut to redefine their digital presence with a new Wordpress website that can scale to meet the needs of their fast growing SaaS business.

The new web design signals a new frontier for ClearCut Analytics, one that shepherds their new growth trajectory and makes visitors feel they are an insight analytics company worth consideration.


In addition to competitive research and digital strategy, Gulo provided additional services aiding project management, creative direction, and production of graphics.

Website Strategy

We worked closely with ClearCut’s internal marketing team to determine a number of goals for the project. The relaunch needed to produce higher conversions and more engagement. To enable those goals, we develop a mega-menu with captivating CTAs, including white papers and videos.

displaying clearcut mega menu on tablet

Their analytics platform is very data-rich and complex; slightly overwhelming at first glance. Our challenge was to illustrate the power and functionality of the app without blasé applications shots. Our design team created a unique set of graphics to play off their mark and lean into the futuristic motif the brand exudes. To humanize the software company, we photographed the team in-action at their Chicago loft office space.

A partnership worthy of an award

The ClearCut team was great to work with. They were active participants in all phases of the project from strategy to post-launch enhancements. Their Director of Marketing was open to our ideas, which included pitching design direction and engagement points to help the website stand apart from the competition.

Website Redesign

Our design team created a unique set of graphics to play off their mark and lean into the futuristic motif the brand exudes.displaying mobile screens from ClearCutThe flexible Content Management System chosen for ClearCut was WordPress. The web development team did a wonderful job making the website super fast and responsive, ensuring excellent performance across all device formats–desktop, mobile and tablets. The development team also added enhancements like subtle animations and advanced CSS techniques to make the website delightful to interact with.

Let’s build something special.