Month: September 2005

Web-based Software Revolution

With the combination of the "turn on a dime" ethic of agile development, the Internet (particularly broadband Internet) becoming more and more ubiquitous, and the commoditizing of computer hardware; web-based software for personal and small business markets has significant potential. Richard MacManus of ZDNet has written an interesting article which touches on this very subject, you can read about it here.

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Syndication: Blogging From Square One

When writing our blog software, it was interesting to
witness the syndication infrastructure that many bloggers take for granted. As previously noted, we had some initial
problems with RSS feeds being accepted and added to certain aggregators. After various phone calls and emails it was
interesting to see how infantile and fragile these syndication directories
currently are. Without naming any names
(rhymes with fondue), we had the privilege of pointing out a few critical
issues which prevented the addition of our RSS content.

To help counter further problematic scenarios, and mostly
just to ensure the content in your favorite aggregator is fresh and up to date,
we have recently gone live with new XML RPC functionality which pings over 40
RSS aggregators / directories all over the world each time a new blog entry is
published. So, if you are new to this
blog and are visiting from your favorite aggregator, welcome!

Podcasting for associations

We recently presented at a SIG for Association Forum about
podcasting. A big thanks to everyone who showed up and particpated, especially Albert, who helped setup The Association Forum Podcast and brought out some of their super slick recording gear for everyone to see. Overall, the SIG went pretty well – we tried to give some relevent background information and demonstrate some of easier ways to get started. Hopefully, we'll be seeing more associations podcasting very soon. For anyone interested, below is a link to our presentation from the SIG. Of course, it's not as good as actually being at the SIG, but it has some valuable information in it so here it is:

Podcasting PDF

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