Month: October 2006

Off topic: Red Ryder website

Red Ryder Entertainment is a worldwide booking representation and artist management company. They have an office down the hall from us and asked us to create a simple website for them to highlight their impressive band/artist roster. The finished product took about 2 hours total to create. I get a free lunch out of the deal. Score. Anyway, at some point, it will include press kits with pictures, etc.

Association of Running Event Directors is now blogging

This week another association jumped on board the blogging train. This organization was started in 2005 by the former Executive Director of the Chicago Area Runners Association, David Patt. The Association of Running Event Directors  aims to better educate the numerous people who take on the challenge of organizing and operating running events. They conduct training
sessions and offer individual consultation on race planning,
marketing, sponsorship, volunteer recruitment, course management, and
event administration. A blog has been added to their suite of offerings for member education and participation.

Are we creating Mash Up Services or Specialized Services?

I read a comprehensive article about contrasting portals to content management systems. Primarily my gripe today are portals, there are some serious issues with providing this service for members. One large issues is cost.  Very costly budgets are required to develop and implement these services that don’t necessarily payoff for users. Additionally, most small/medium associations could never rationalize the 100k-250k that would be required for the technology, let alone the maintenance costs.

Providing staff/users/stakeholders/members with a single point of access to the web and related applications and databases

Members don’t need another Yahoo or Google. They need services that they can not get elsewhere. These services should be very specific applications for your organization and thus directly benefit your members.

Can your committees and boards vote and exchange resources digitally ? Can discussions be facilitated effectively that don’t push data disruptively like traditional services, such as e-mail /list serves? What about an organization that does publishing for journals, perhaps a community based peer review system that weighs and ranks users input before publishing the article?

Do you have any applications that are currently only in your dreams?