Month: January 2008

Eight things most dont know about me

Thanks, Mickie.
This blog needed a new post.

1. I’m originally from Muskegon,
Michigan ( where the snowboard was invented).

2. I’ve always been a decent artist. When I won a regional prize
for my art in elementary school, I wore a bow tie and sunglasses to
the ceremony. I was much cooler then.

3. I met my wife at the University
of Michigan
in a History of Art class taught by Walter
Spink, a professor both of my parents had for the same class.
Spink was a pretty strange guy. In his first lecture, he told us a
story about a student of his in the 60’s who had taken LSD, broken his pen and
smeared ink all over an exam (as opposed to just answering the
questions A,B,C, or D). Long story short, the student received a
passing grade. I dropped the class two weeks later.

4. I love Bubble
. Mostly the milk tea variety with taro. ( “”>Joy Yee Noodles has the best bubble
tea in Chicago). In the regular tea department, I prefer “”>Earl

5. I’ve used a “,_P.I.”>Magnum PI ring tone
on my phone(s) for 4 years. Dun
nuh nuh nuuuuhh…

6. A couple years ago, I met Saturday Night Live’s “”>Darryl Hammond
in the Las Vegas airport. Nice guy.

7. I’m currently reading “”>Blood
Meridian by Cormac McCarthy ( “font-style:italic;”>No Country for Old Men author).

8. My favorite album of 2007 was “”>Spoon’s “font-style:italic;”>Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.

I’ll tag David and